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Our mobile phone comparison site makes it easy to compare mobile phones and find cheap contracts from the leading UK providers. We update our offers on a daily basis so you can enjoy the peace of mind that our mobile phone deals are always up to date.

Comparing mobile phones can be confusing! If you are looking for a basic phone or a more feature-rich handset then you need to determine what sort of features you want. There are new handsets coming out on a regular basis, so make sure that you do your research. If you feel your phone is still OK why not try a sim only deal.

How do I find cheap mobile phones?

For most of us, cost is a major factor when choosing a new handset. We can save you hundreds of pounds on the latest smartphones as well as offering cheap mobile phones for those looking for something a little more basic.  Simply choose the handset that is best for your needs and filter the options based on your requirements.

It’s important to consider that there is no one specific handset or plan that’s perfect for everyone. Some people love iPhones, other people prefer Android phones from the likes of Google, Samsung and Huawei. Think about what’s important to you, be that size, battery life, screen quality, camera quality, operating system or something else.

Compare Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Comparison FAQs

In short, yes. You’ll be given a new number when you take out the contract, but if you get in touch with your old network provider, they will give you instructions for how to port your old number over to your new SIM card. The specific process will vary slightly from network to network but typically this will involve getting hold of a PAC code from your old provider and passing it on to you new provider.

Contract lengths vary depending on the type of phone and contract plan you’ve chosen. Usually there are 12 or 24-month options and you’ll pay a fixed price monthly for the duration of the contract length.

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