Look After My Bills

Look After My Bills was launched in January 2018, they offer an automated energy switching service. You may have heard about them from their appearance on the 16th series of the popular BBC show, Dragons’ Den. On this page, we give you a review of what Look After My Bills does, how it works and how we’re different.

What does Look After My Bills do?

As an automated energy switcher, Look After My Bills search for better energy deals for you and automatically switch you to that deal.

How does Look After My Bills make money?

As a free service, Look After My Bills only switch you to suppliers who will pay them a commission. Free auto-switching did raise some concerns in the Dragons’ Den:

“Are you not compromised on independence? Because, surely, whoever pays you the most, you know, deal done, isn’t it?”
Jenny Campbell (investor on Dragons’ Den).

This means that free automated switching services are not necessarily completely on your side, as they are still receiving money from energy suppliers.

How is Switch My Energy different?

We are an energy comparison service that allows you to manually search and compare a range of home and business energy tariffs from a wide variety of providers. Allowing you to make your own decision on which deal is best for you.