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The new kids on the block in power provision are Bulb Energy. A company started by young entrepreneurs Amit Gudka and Hayden Wood. Bulb Energy differs from many of the more established energy providers in several approaches. One of these is that, when Wood and Gudka founded the business in 2015, their aim was to revolutionise the industry in three ways. The first was by making it simpler to understand and manage for their customers. While the second was to make it greener and better for the plant that we all live on. Finally, Gudka and Hayden’s aim was to make energy cheaper as well. All of which they succeeded in, as you can see below…

Who are Bulb Energy?

Bulb Energy is based in the East of London, and supplies power to over 1 million homes in the UK! Energy that is not only of great value but also considerably better for the environment than power that comes from other sources.

In fact, every last drop of Bulb Energy’s electricity comes from renewable sources in the UK. Even the gas that BE supplies is greener than many of their counterparts, with 10% coming strictly from green sources.

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Bulb Energy: The Benefits

Obviously, there are three critical benefits to choosing Bulb Energy as your supplier. The first that they strive to offer more straightforward energy. What this means is that Bulb only has one single, low priced tariff. Something that makes things vastly easier for customers. In fact, by only having a single tariff, customers won’t need to continually compare the costs of different plans or struggle to track the saving they are making.

While the second is the low prices that BE offers to its customers. With BE lowest price for a year clocking in at around £30 less than the national average. However, the savings don’t end there. In fact, BE distinguish themselves again by not charging a fee if you want to move from your service to another provider. They will even pay you up to £60 to cover leaving fees from another supplier when you join them!

Finally, BE is committed to providing greener energy to its customers. Something that benefits not only their individual customers but also the entire globe as well.

Bulb Energy: Customer service

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, BE are also well known for their high level of customer service. We’re talking 4.8/5 on Trustpilot here, which is vastly higher than so many of the more established power providers.


In summary, for those looking for green power that is simple to manage, Bulb Energy is a great choice. In fact, unlike other UK energy providers, Bulb Energy is very clear and upfront about their dealings and what that offers. After all, it’s widely known that the company is reliable and doing well. While they also consistently live up to the promises they make for low priced, green energy that is simple to manage. Therefore if you are looking for simplicity and green energy, picking Bulb Energy is a genius idea!