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Why switch energy suppliers? allows you to find the cheapest tariffs and switch energy suppliers in minutes. With hundreds of different tariffs available, researching every option and comparing them individually would take you a lot of time. When you compare energy suppliers with, we’ll search through hundreds of options to find personalised quotes that give you the best deals.

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  1. Tell us your location and what your average energy usage is.
  2. We’ll compare hundreds of providers to find the best deals.
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Energy Suppliers FAQs

Energy suppliers are companies that provide energy to homes and businesses. They’re the businesses that supply you with electricity or gas, for example. There are more than 60 UK energy providers, but each supplier offers a number of different tariffs and deals. This means there is a substantial choice when it comes to finding the cheapest rates and the best supplier for your needs.

The ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers are the biggest energy companies serving the UK. Between they supply over 90% of the energy to UK homes and businesses. The ‘Big 6’ are:

You also have suppliers like:

Yes. The pipes and cables that deliver energy to your home aren’t usually owned by one specific company. This means you can change energy suppliers without having any work carried out on your property or anyone visiting your home.

When you want to switch energy suppliers with, you simply need to tell us a little information about you, such as your location and the type of energy you use. We’ll use your data to search through hundreds of different tariffs and present the cheapest rates and best deals. You simply need to choose the one that’s right for you and we’ll do the rest.

You don’t pay any fees for switching your energy supplier through When you switch a customer from one energy provider to another, the new energy supplier pays us a small fee. This is built into their marketing budget, which means we’re able to offer you the best rates and the same prices you’d get if you went to them directly. We simply take the hard work out of finding the best deals and make switching to a new supplier a hassle-free experience.

If you’re responsible for paying your energy bills, you can switch to a new supplier. However, there are different contracts and different types of tariffs for domestic customers (households) and business customers.

If you’re currently tied into a fixed rate deal, there may be an exit fee if you wish to leave the contract early. However, many people choose to switch to a new tariff or energy supplier as one deal ends, as this is often the most cost-effective option.

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