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Lower your energy bills

If you’re looking to compare energy prices from leading UK suppliers, you’ve come to the right place. Our energy comparison site is designed to take the hassle out of lowering your gas and electricity bills. Currently, two out of three people are being overcharged for their energy. Unless you switch energy suppliers regularly, you’re probably paying more than you need to. In fact, it’s estimated that at least 52% of people are paying more than they need to for gas and electricity.

With energy bills on the rise, it’s important to try to cut costs where possible, our price comparison tool makes it easy to compare gas and electricity prices, choose a new deal and make the switch in seconds. Whether you’re looking for a dual fuel tariff or separate gas and electricity tariffs, we’ll help you compare energy prices to find cheap energy deals in your area.

How to compare energy prices

It only takes a few minutes to compare gas and electricity suppliers and save money on your energy bills. Here’s what you need to do to start comparing energy prices:

  1. Tell us your location and what your average energy usage is.
  2. Give us a few details about your current home energy supplier.
  3. Our energy price comparison will find the best deals for you.
  4. Choose the deal that’s best for you and start switching today.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to run an energy comparison and compare energy prices regularly because the cheapest gas and electricity deals are normally 12-month fixed-rate contracts. If you don’t switch when your contract ends, you’ll be rolled on to a Standard Variable Tariff which will charge a more expensive rate.  Most suppliers update their rates and deals frequently, so switching is a great way to reduce your home and business energy bills.

Here’s what you will need to compare energy prices, switch your supplier and start saving today:

  • Your current suppliers name
  • The name of the tariff you are on
  • How much energy you use, either in kWh (kilowatt hours) or pounds
  • How you pay your bills – monthly or quarterly, when they come in or by direct debit
  • Whether you have any special arrangements or facilities such as Economy 7

All of these details will be listed on a recent gas or electricity bill. You can get a dual fuel (both gas & electricity) quote or compare energy prices and plans separately.

Of course, while dual fuel is a popular way to keep your energy bundled together, you can compare gas and electricity prices individually. By comparing separately, you’ll find new tariffs available, potentially offering extra savings. 

No one wants to overspend on their bills. Our energy price comparison service makes it easy to find great deals on cheap gas and electric.

Comparing energy prices can be the fastest and most effective way to reduce your bills. However, reducing your gas and electricity usage and being more energy-efficient can also help to reduce your fuel bills. When you increase your energy efficiency, you’re also helping to reduce carbon emissions, so being greener has benefits for everyone.

No one wants to overspend on their bills. Our energy price comparison service makes it easy to find great deals on cheap gas and electric.

No. Regardless of what supplier you’re with, your supply will be the same as before. All that changes is the company that bills you and the price you pay for your energy. There won’t be any interruption to your supply during the energy switching, and nobody will need to visit your home unless you have opted to have a smart meter installed.

If you’re switching energy and using a reputable comparison service, there’s no need to contact your existing supplier – everything is handled for you.

If you were to switch through us, simply compare energy prices and choose the tariff you’d like to switch to, we’ll contact your current supplier and let them know you are leaving and moving to a new deal.

You might need up-to-date meter readings, but your new supplier should contact you to ask for these during your switchover.

After your initial switch, there is a 14-day cooling off period window in which you can easily cancel your switch.

There are hundreds of cheap energy deals available – we’re certain one of them will be perfect for your needs. Let us find it for you.

We provide energy comparisons for gas tariffs and electricity tariffs individually – as well as dual-fuel tariffs that cover both gas and electricity.

In addition to this, because we have so many potential energy plans the ideal arrangement for your circumstances might be a deal that fixes your costs for a certain period, or it might be with a company that cuts down on the admin to cut its prices – or even a firm that has connections with greener energy sources.

We carry out a whole of market energy comparison, allowing you to compare all the leading UK gas and electricity suppliers including:

Like most energy comparison sites on the market, we’re paid a commission by the energy suppliers that we switch our users to, allowing us to offer our service to you for free. We always present our deals in price order and never favour one of our suppliers over another.

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