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Fibre Optic Broadband

Frequently Asked Questions

Compare the cheapest fibre optic broadband deals with The way that broadband is delivered to our homes has evolved at an incredibly rapid rate, and fibre optic internet is the far quicker and more reliable alternative to standard copper wires. With the right fibre optic broadband in your home, it’ll be possible to stream films, play games, and communicate with friends and family like never before.

Superfast broadband speeds can range from 59Mbps to a whopping 350Mbps, so there’s still a lot of versatility at your disposal. If you’re a frequent internet user, fibre optic is probably the right choice for your home.

Fibre optic cables are made from either glass or plastic and are located underground. In addition to allowing data to travel at record speeds, this creates a very reliable service as overhead obstructions do not cause a distraction.

Unlike ADSL (copper wire) customers who will see their speeds lost if they are far away from the exchange, fibre optic customers will receive a reliable service regardless of distance to the exchange. This is why it is the preferred choice for those seeking superfast broadband.

Fibre optic broadband isn’t available for all internet service providers, but the UK’s major companies (excluding the budget ones) have various options available, including packages that bundle TV and telephone services with the broadband.

Fibre optic broadband has been the premium type of internet service for a few years now, but getting the best value for money is essential. Use our broadband comparison tool to make it happen.