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  1. Choose Home or Business Energy and click ‘Compare Now’
  2. Give us a few details on your current supplier and energy usage.
  3. Choose the deal that’s best for you and we’ll take care of the rest.
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Energy Price Comparison FAQs

Why compare energy prices? Can I save a lot of money? How long does it take? We answer your most frequently asked questions.

At, we’re committed to providing you with the latest energy prices and offers. With our FREE energy comparison & switching service, you can access pricing information from a wide range of suppliers and find the best rates.

By scouring the market for the most cost-effective home energy and business energy options, we save you the time and hassle of sifting through hundreds of energy suppliers. What’s more, we take care of transferring your gas or electricity supply from one provider to another, so saving money on your energy bills is as hassle-free as it gets.

Unless you’ve switched your energy tariff very recently, you’re probably paying more than you need to. In fact, it’s estimated that at least 52% of people are paying more than they need to for gas or electricity. Energy suppliers update their rates and deals frequently, so switching energy providers regularly is a great way to reduce your bills.

The best energy deal depends on your location, usage and purpose, so there’s no one supplier that suits everyone. By comparing energy prices with, you can access personalised data that offers YOU the best deals.

Currently two out of three people are being overcharged for their energy. Switching energy suppliers is a simple way to save hundreds of pounds on your gas and electricity bills.

It’s important to switch regularly because the cheapest energy deals are 12 month fixed rate contracts. If you don’t switch when your contract ends, you’ll be rolled on to a Standard Variable Tariff which will charge a more expensive rate. To make the most of cheap fixed rate deals you need to switch supplier every year.

Comparing gas and electricity prices with couldn’t be easier. To find the best energy prices now, simply:

  • Enter your location
  • Tell us whether you need an energy supply for your home or business
  • Tell us who your current supplier is and what your tariff is (if you know it)
  • Give an estimate of how much energy you use over a year (our energy usage calculator can help with this)
  • We’ll use your details to compare hundreds of energy suppliers in your area
  • Take a look at the best rates and deals that are available to you
  • Choose the energy plan that’s right for you.

That’s it! We’ll automatically send your switch request to the relevant provider and you can look forward to enjoying better rates and lower bills within a matter of weeks.

When you compare gas and electricity providers, you’ll get access to the cheapest rates and most up to date deals. With so many suppliers to choose from, however, it can take a significant amount of time to research their rates and compare them yourself. That’s why most people simply don’t bother to switch energy suppliers on a regular basis.

By staying with your current supplier and not updating your deal, it’s likely you’ll end up spending more than you need. When your deal runs out, you’re usually automatically put onto a standard tariff, which typically means higher bills.

With, it literally takes seconds to compare energy providers and find the best deal. We’ll compare the rates on offer from hundreds of providers, including your existing supplier, to determine what the cheapest option is. With, getting a cheap gas and electricity deal takes seconds.

Find out just how easy it is by using our free comparison checker now.

The cheapest energy supplier depends on various different factors. This means that the cheapest energy provider for someone else won’t necessarily be the cheapest supplier for you. By taking your location and energy usage into account, provides a personalized comparison search and delivers the best deals just for you.

However, we don’t just take energy prices into account. When you compare gas and electricity suppliers with, you’ll also be able to see a range of other information, such as what existing customers think about their provider and what greener energy options they provide.

We compare the leading UK energy suppliers including:


At, we’ve turned switching energy suppliers into an art-form. Once you’ve started your comparison search, you can scroll through and take a closer look at the providers who are offering the best rates for you.

Once you’ve decided who your next energy provider is going to be, you simply need to click on the deal and confirm your choice. We’ll get to work right away to ensure the switch is made promptly. You’ll have a 14-day cooling-off period, just in case you change your mind, and most switches are completed within 2-3 weeks, so it won’t take long until you see a difference in your energy bills.

Yes, you can switch your supplier or plan if you’re on a prepayment meter. When inputting your details, simply tell us that you use a prepayment meter and we’ll add this to the criteria we use to find the best rates for you.

A prepayment meter typically involves paying in advance with a key, token or smart card. Our energy comparison service enables you to retain your prepayment meter setup or switch to a credit meter if you choose to.

Absolutely. Providing you pay for your energy use; you can certainly save some money by switching to a better deal. If your energy charges are included in your rent, it’s up to your landlord to find the best energy deal.

As well as switching to a different plan or provider, you can save money by being more energy-efficient. Whether you’re running a business or a home, adopting a greener approach is always a good idea. With top energy-saving ideas, you can save money and help to protect the environment.

For more information about reducing energy costs, take a look at the following sites:

Green Deal: Energy Saving Grants

Energy Saving Trust

To find out more, contact now or start saving money right away with our free energy comparison tool.

Link most energy price comparison sites on the market, we’re paid a commission by the energy suppliers that we switch our users to, allowing us to offer our service to you for free. We always present our deals in price order and never favour one of our suppliers over another.

After you complete your switch online, there is a 14-day cooling off period window in which you can easily cancel.