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Here at Switch My Energy, we are a UK-based energy comparison and switching service that was created to save you money on your home energy and business energy bills. With gas and electricity bills on the rise, it’s important to switch energy suppliers in order to cut costs where possible. By making use of our price comparison tools, you’ll be able to find a cheaper tariff and switch in minutes. Here’s what you need to do to start comparing energy tariffs:

  1. Choose between Home Energy & Business Energy to get started.
  2. Give us a few details on your current energy supplier and usage.
  3. Our price comparison tool will find the best deals available to you.
  4. Choose the deal that’s best for you and start switching today.


You can switch energy suppliers whenever you like. However, you may be charged an exit fee if you are on a fixed-term deal, that is if the amount you pay for your energy is fixed for a certain length of time (usually a year). Some suppliers won’t charge you an exit fee, although you may be charged more for your energy as a result.

You will not be charged an exit fee in the last 7 weeks (49 days) of your deal. Plus, your energy company is obliged to notify you that your fixed-term deal is coming to an end. This is the best time to look for a new deal and avoid an exit fee.


No. Regardless of what supplier you’re with, your supply will be the same as before. All that changes is the company that bills you and the price you pay for your energy. There won’t be any interruption to your supply during the energy switching process, and nobody will need to visit your home unless you have opted to have a smart meter installed.


We have created a number of energy guides designed to offer advise on saving money. There are also a number of impartial services that can help reduce your energy consumption:

  • The Energy Grants Calculator, run by the government, can tell you if you’re entitled to any assistance with your bills. It can also offer assistance and advice on how to make your home more efficient.
  • The Energy Saving Trust can give you tips to reduce your energy bills.
  • The Citizens Advice Bureaux can also help you if you’d like to make a complaint about an energy company.
  • Keep your home warm and protected with boiler cover.
  • If you have a complaint about your gas or electricity supplier you should first contact your provider or supplier. However, if you are not satisfied with the response then you would need to contact Ofgem – the UK energy watchdog.


Like most energy comparison and switching sites on the market, Switch My Energy are paid by the energy suppliers that we switch our users to, allowing us to offer our service to you for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not have to inform your current supplier that you’re switching but you should provide a final meter reading so that you are billed accurately. It is also important to ensure your last bill has been paid before cancelling your direct debit. Our energy experts can handle the entire switching process between your old supplier and your new supplier.

Switching suppliers should be a simple and quick process after you have agreed to a new energy deal. Although there are some reasons why your energy supplier may stop you from switching your energy supply, these include:

  1. If you are in debt with your supplier
  2. You have an unsupported meter
  3. You live in rented accommodation

If none of the reasons above applies to you, you can submit a complaint to the supplier.

Ofgem advises that you should not cancel your direct debit as your new supplier will get in touch to provide further information on direct debit arrangements.

A letter of authority (LoA) is a legal document that authorises a third party, or ‘agent’, to correspond directly with energy suppliers on behalf of you or your business. A properly constructed letter of authority will list the specific tasks and responsibilities the third party has been authorised to deal with for ‘the principal’ and should always include a signature, the date it was signed, and a specifically outlined period of time that denotes how long authority has been granted for.

It can be a surprise when your energy bill suddenly increases in price and you can’t work out why. Is it because of a hike in energy prices or has your bill simply been backdated?

Backdated energy bills can be quite common for people who pay based on their estimated usage rather than their meter readings.

When you switch energy suppliers you will need to take a meter reading so that your final bill is correct. Your energy supplier will then apply any credit you have to this charge and will either send you a bill for the remainder or a refund of the credit.

There are several reasons why you may not be able to switch your energy supplier, these include:

  1. Your energy supplier doesn’t support your meter type
  2. Your chosen supplier is already supplying your energy
  3. Your address appears to have a business meter
  4. Your meter information doesn’t match the information in the national database

If your gas or electricity is out of contract, then your tariff could be on a variable rate. Subsequently, you will be paying a variable/higher rate for your utilities.

Renewing or switching suppliers could ensure that you make the best possible savings on your energy bills.

The date your energy contract comes to an end can be found on a recent gas or electricity bill. If you do not have a recent bill, then get in touch and one of our energy consultants will run over an LOA (letter of authority) with you. This provides us access to find out the details of your supplier.

It is important to remember when your business energy contract comes to an end so you dont fall onto expensive out of contract rates. If you energy contract is coming to an end, contact our energy experts today to secure your business energy deal.

Most of our customers tell us that time is a precious commodity and running their business provides challenges. Researching, negotiating and agreeing the best utilities contracts with suppliers takes a lot of time and considerable effort. At Utility Bidder, the breadth and depth of our research means we can analyse the utility market for competitive prices. Our “Premier” supplier status and strong relationships provide us with access to bespoke offers and savings that might not be available otherwise.

Allow for more of your time to be spent concentrating on your business. Our quotes for switching business utilities will help you chose the best option, without spending hours negotiating.

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